Richard Allen is the director of Allen & Wolfe Auditors. Richard joined the team in May 2016, where he quickly established a rapport with clients for his sense of humour and knowledge in the Auditing industry, assisting clients to streamline their organisations.

Richard  came to this practice with a previous 14 years experience in the industry, having worked at some of the big fours across the UK, Sydney and India with a wide variety of clients from financial service audits all the way through to an ASX 300 listed investment group. This experience has enabled Richard to work with our clients in reaching their goals, which Richard says is his favourite thing about working at Allen & Wolfe Auditors.

Our clients and staff appreciate the fun humour that Richard brings to the office, along with his knowledge and skillset to always get the job done. No task is ever un-achievable.

Some fun facts about Richard, his favourite movie is Crocodile Dundee (it actually inspired his original move to Oz), his favourite past time is anything involving the ocean and if he could share a meal with anyone, it would be the family, he says it’s always boisterous but fun!